Hardware snb
Architecture m64
Status fail
Matches Expectations Indicates whether the test status matches the status that CI expects for the test
Time 0.032902

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/tmp/build_root/m64/lib/piglit/bin/getfragdatalocation -auto -fbo
Querying location before linking...
Querying location of nonexistent variable...
Querying locations after binding and linking...
Querying locations after just binding...
Querying location of gl_FragColor...
Unexpected GL error: GL_INVALID_OPERATION 0x502
(Error at ../tests/spec/gl-3.0/api/getfragdatalocation.c:214)


Mesa: User error: GL_INVALID_OPERATION in glGetFragDataLocation(program not linked)
Mesa: User error: GL_INVALID_OPERATION in glGetFragDataLocation(illegal name)

pid: [4481]
start time: 1630087120.5576427
end time: 1630087120.5905447