Hardware gen9atom_iris
Architecture m32
Status fail
Matches Expectations Indicates whether the test status matches the status that CI expects for the test
Time 0.326655

See also historical results for this test.


/tmp/build_root/m32/lib/piglit/bin/ext_framebuffer_multisample-accuracy 16 stencil_draw small depthstencil -auto -fbo
Pixels that should be unlit
  count = 126470
  RMS error = 0.000432
Pixels that should be totally lit
  count = 131408
  RMS error = 0.012349
The error threshold for unlit and totally lit pixels test is 0.002460
Pixels that should be partially lit
  count = 4266
  RMS error = 0.055752
The error threshold for partially lit pixels is 0.049205


pid: [26322]
start time: 1617016762.5524564
end time: 1617016762.879111